8 Practical Tips for How to Conduct a Termination Meeting

Sometimes employment relationships don’t work out and you may find yourself in the position of having to terminate an employee.  Termination is a difficult issue.  Following are some practical tips on how to approach and conduct the termination meeting.


  • Concisely and clearly advise the employee of the termination message.  For example, “we have come to a difficult decision to end your employment and your last day will be _____”.
  • Obtain company property from the employee on their last day of work.
  • Do provide a termination letter to the employee, and provide an overview of the key items in the letter.
  • Do demonstrate empathy and concern for the employee.
  • Do not appear rushed.
  • Do not discuss anything other than the termination decision.
  • Do not discuss performance issues or take/assign blame.
  • Do not encourage discussion that could or would allow the employee to renegotiate the decision.  Be firm.  The termination is a business decision which is final and non-negotiable.


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