8 Issues to Consider When Preparing to Terminate an Employee

Terminating an employee is never easy.  Having an action plan will improve the experience for everyone involved.  Following are some logistical issues to keep in mind when scheduling and conducting a termination meeting.


  1. Participants. There should be two individuals present.  One should communicate the message and the other will act as an observer.
  2. Timing.  Select a time when there should be fewer people around.
  3. Notifying the employee.  Generally, it is best not to notify the employee more than one day in advance of the meeting.  Do not indicate the subject for the meeting is a termination.  Be flexible if the employee cannot attend the meeting on that date.
  4. Location.  The location should help to make the situation handled discretely on the employee’s exit after the meeting.   If possible, use a meeting room instead of someone’s office.
  5. Transportation Home.  Consider whether the employee is safe to drive, or whether it is advisable to make arrangements for a taxi.
  6. Personal effects.  Consider whether the employee should be accompanied to gather their personal effects, or whether the personal effects can be sent to the employee by courier later.
  7. Company property.  Consider what company property is in the possession of the employee.
  8. Termination letter.  Prepare a termination letter in advance so it can be brought to the meeting.


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