Harper Grey Hosts “Ask Us Anything: Working from Home”

28. July 2021 0

On Wednesday, July 21, 2021, our Workplace Law Group hosted the second “Ask Us Anything Employer Webinar” focused on working from home. The panel discussion provided insights from: Scott MarcinkowRose Keith, QCRyan Chan and Neal Parker. Our panelists were joined by Jeanne Posey of our Business Law group who responded to questions relating to employer obligations from a tax perspective.

Check out the recorded session below.

  1. Are employers required to continue with remote work? (3:38)
  2. If we now have employees that work in other jurisdictions – what law governs their employment? (5:06)
  3. Are there tax considerations that would inform that decision? (8:04)
  4. Although an employer can dictate the place of work, are there any considerations that should be taken into account in deciding whether to do so or not? (10:02)
  5. To what extent is an employee’s remote worksite considered the workplace? (15:17)
  6. What constitutes a safe working space? If you see that an employee has no ergonomic place to work and is sitting on a bed, for example, what is the employer’s obligation? (16:09)
  7. Does an employer have to set up a worker at home with equipment? (17:52)
  8. What are some of the tax implications regarding home office equipment and expenses? (22:19)
  9. Are remote workers required to adhere to my company’s set business hours? (25:29)
  10. How do you make new employees feel included when working remotely? (27:41)
  11. How can absenteeism be managed? How can we track it? (30:27)
  12. How is overtime managed for remote workers? (32:24)
  13. How to meet WorkSafe requirements with remote work? (34:19)
  14. What do I do about employees who have kids at home? (36:53)
  15. Does the same advice apply in situations of providing care for an elderly parent in your home? (42:24)
  16. What happens when the remote worker is working from somewhere other than their designated remote workplace (e.g. working in the Okanagan over the summer)? (43:19)
  17. Can an employee write off some of their trip while they are away and working remotely? (45:49)
  18. What if the employee relocates to the US? (47:12)
  19. When it comes to monitoring productivity, how do you do that when your employees are not in the workplace? (50:00)
  20. Can video or audio surveillance tools be used in the remote workplace? (53:09)
  21. How can the privacy concerns be weighed in respect of monitoring productivity? (55:00)


This webinar took place on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 10:00am PDT. The pandemic is a rapidly changing situation and new measures may have been introduced since the time of recording. The information provided through this webinar recording is intended for general information purposes only and does not create a lawyer-client relationship. It is not intended as legal advice from Harper Grey LLP or the individual participants, nor intended as a substitute for legal advice on any specific subject matter. Detailed legal counsel should be sought prior to undertaking any legal matter.

If you are struggling with any of the issues discussed in this webinar or related to the reopening of your business or reintegration of your team – we are here to help. Feel free to reach out to our panelists – Scott Marcinkow, Rose Keith, QC, Ryan C. Chan, Jeanne Posey or Neal Parker.