COVID Honesty in the Workplace

17. January 2022 0
Another arbitral decision from Ontario has confirmed that dishonesty during COVID screening protocols can lead to termination for cause.  While arbitration decisions are not binding on our courts, they do provide insight into the analysis that is likely to be undertaken when a similar set of facts is before the Court.

Celebrating the Holidays Safely

08. November 2021 0
Holiday parties are a great way of saying thank you to employees and provide a great team-building opportunity. They are also a great way of increasing collegiality.  When planning your holiday party, it is important for employers to remember the legal responsibilities that accompany serving alcohol at social events.  Employers have the responsibility of ensuring ...

Remote Work Policy

04. October 2021 0
In this world where we are continuing to fight waves of COVID, remote work remains a reality for most workplaces.  Responses range from embracing remote work as a means of retaining employees, expanding potential employment opportunities and reducing costs to reluctantly allowing remote work to continue only when absolutely necessary.  Regardless of preference it is ...

Workplace Policy Manuals

14. September 2021 0
A comprehensive employee policy manual is an excellent tool for onboarding, a great reference source for existing employees, and can provide you with convenient coaching materials.  But your policy manual will only provide these benefits if it is comprehensive and well written.  Your policy manual can provide information related to your workplace’s history, mission, and ...

Proof of Vaccination

24. August 2021 0
You can’t turn on the news these days without hearing about vaccination mandates. The landscape is changing daily with companies and governments in Canada and the US issuing vaccine mandates. On August 12 BC announced that all long term care and assisted living workers, including volunteers and personal service workers who enter these facilities, were ...

Understanding Job Protected Leaves

28. July 2021 0
All workers in BC are covered by the British Columbia Employment Standards Act (the “Act”).  The Act provides employees with a number of job protected leaves, some of which are paid and most of which are unpaid. These leaves trigger duties and responsibilities on employers.  There are a variety of different types of leaves and ...

Is Your Vacation Policy Compliant with the Employment Standards Act?

05. July 2021 0
Just like anything else in an employment relationship, the Employment Standards Act (the “Act”) defines the minimum that you must provide to employees in terms of vacation and vacation pay.  A failure to comply with the requirements of the Act can have significant financial consequences.  In addition to requiring you to comply, there are significant ...

BC Moves to Step 3 of Restart Plan

29. June 2021 0
More restrictions are being lifted in British Columbia on July 1 as the province moves to step 3 of its restart plan, which is a significant step towards normalcy.  The state of emergency due to COVID-19 will end on June 30 at 11:59 p.m.  With the end of the state of emergency, life for British ...